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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is a remastered version of the original 2006 PS2 game, and it takes things further by adding a fast-forward button . The game still mostly involves you controlling a party of three characters as you roam fantasy terrain and fight monsters. It’s a third-person game, much like all other FF s, but you can see every enemy on screen before fighting it. That was a more radical departure from series standards in 2006 than it may seem now.

Charming and cheerful, the Horse is an extremely likable character. Hard working, self-possessed and sharp, the Horse skillfully acquires power, wealth and respect. However, the Horse's sometime-appreciated frankness can be tactless. The Horse's impatient pursuit of success may become selfish and predatory. Horses can be obstinate. In truth, they are more cunning than intelligent, and they know it. This is why, despite that air of assurance, the Horse lacks confidence in himself.

Third Sight - Zodiac KillerThird Sight - Zodiac KillerThird Sight - Zodiac KillerThird Sight - Zodiac Killer