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Mission: to help those who are looking at finding the best Debt elimination and Freeman/Sovereign options in order to realise freedom. Freedom from the Banksters and there Administrators ie the tyrannical profit driven Corporations known as Governments (which are corporation's hence their corporate profit motives and some with devastating costs ie The US Corporation and the UN). We will provide many self help links to video's, forums, web-pages, Book's, DVD's, seminars, meetings for those looking for a guide through the mass and maze of information out there.    DISCLAIMER: This intended for Private use only. It is not legal advice. We take no responsibility for how you use this information. We do ask that you do not take this all as fact as we are still learning as well. We strongly advise you to take responsibility for yourself and do your own investigations. Please of course let us know if we are wrong or if we can improve the information or site in any way. Consider this a community site we all can participate in constructing for the mission above. We do reserve the right to dismiss any information that we think does not serve this purpose. 

Fear Of God - ZeitgeistFear Of God - ZeitgeistFear Of God - ZeitgeistFear Of God - Zeitgeist